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Andy Thomas writes and publishes books on themes he believes deserve more awareness and investigation in a world which appears to be undergoing a rapid social, geopolitical and philosophical transformation. 

This site carries details and extracts of books he has authored/edited - click on the links on the left or on the book covers below for detailed information on each book. 

All books ordered through Vital Signs Publishing are personally signed by Andy for his titles, or by Richard Smith for A Future World Vision.

A Future World Vision by Richard Smith
The Reform of Common Sense in the 21st Century
by Richard Smith, edited by Andy Thomas

How did we get to where we are today, and how can we best move forward positively from here? In this perceptive and accessible investigation, Richard Smith puts the shape of recent centuries into context and proposes how a better future could be forged with simple common sense reforms of our democracies, everyday lives, economy, and use of resources and technology.
Making Sense of Unexplained Mysteries,
Global Cover-ups & Visions for a New Era
by Andy Thomas

What is the truth about UFOs, pyramids, psychic phenomena, visions of the future and ancient prophecies? What is their connection to conspiracy theories concerning the Moon landings, 9/11, the New World Order and claims that the world is covertly run by a powerful ruling elite? Revised, updated & expanded third edition.
The Facts - The Theories - The Evidence
by Andy Thomas

Nearly every significant event of the last 2,000 years has sparked off a conspiracy theory. Andy Thomas sifts through the evidence of more than thirty examples, examining the social and psychological factors that have prompted them to spread. Conspiracies highlights the core issues to make a strong case that conspiracy theories deserve to be taken far more seriously.
by Andy Thomas
Revised and updated second edition

A concise and fascinating guide to the enduring mystery of crop circles, the enigmatic shapes found swirled into fields each summer. This is a great book if you seek a comprehensive overview of the phenomenon and all the questions associated with it.
Views from the Crop Circle Frontline
by Andy Thomas

A collection of lively essays and pieces about crop circles and related subjects, discussing the meaning of this phenomenon and all that has happened around it. These pieces were written over an eleven year period, providing a valuable glimpse into the community of crop circle researchers and the view of the world outside as seen from inside the crop formations.
The Power of Collective Thought and Signs of Our Times
by Andy Thomas

A fascinating and controversial volume exploring the huge power of collective thought and humanity's capacity to think and feel as one being. The book looks at the global and personal implications of this and its impact on events and developments in the world today.
Catastrophe or Ecstasy
by Geoff Stray, edited by Andy Thomas

This comprehensive book is the definitive guide to the many prophecies for our times, ancient and modern, which state that the period ahead could be one of huge change for the world, heralding a significant shift in consciousness and reality.

Welcome to
Vital Signs Publishing

Vital Signs Publishing was founded by author and researcher Andy Thomas to provide a focused outlet for his own work and for other authors whose work he supports.

The books on this website gather together Andy's currently available titles on unexplained mysteries and conspiracies, some published by Vital Signs Publishing and some produced by other companies and available here.

 More information about Andy, with news, reviews, videos and details of forthcoming lectures can be found at his website

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