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A Oneness of Mind

A Oneness of Mind, a book by Andy ThomasA Oneness Of Mind
The Power of Collective Thought
and Signs of Our Times

By Andy Thomas

A fascinating and controversial volume based on transcripts of Andy’s classic presentations at the Glastonbury Symposium conference, exploring the huge power of collective thought and looking at the global and personal implications.

The extraordinary new evidence that the human mind can profoundly affect the material world, means that understanding the very real power of our minds - amplified massively when working collectively together - could hold the key to a choice between paradise or chaos at this critical moment in human evolution. A Oneness of Mind provides a useful overview of many related areas.

This book collects together some edited transcripts of Andy’s earlier pioneering presentations at the renowned Glastonbury Symposium conference. Reaching towards the themes which would eventually culminate in The Truth Agenda, the content of A Oneness of Mind sowed important seeds in the developmental path of Andy’s work, looking at some of the key issues and problems in the world which could be resolved by both positive thought and collective action.

Simply and wittily expressed, there are many constructive ideas here. Illustrated with photos of some of the more theatrical moments of Andy’s renowned lectures (hence the somewhat odd cover of Andy holding a gun with his head stuck through a TV set!), the compilation of this material marked an important turning point for Andy, ending one chapter and beginning another.

"Five lectures that didn't change the world, but did make some people think twice."


"Andy puts an exciting, witty case for the application of positive thought by all of us to influence the global decision-making process" (the late Hamish Miller).

"A fascinating collection of ideas about making the world a better place through positive thought and positive action, shared with insight and, often, humour" (The Magnet).

The Power

of Collective Thought
and Signs of Our Times

By Andy Thomas

£6 + p&p

144 pages, paperback
illustrated in B&W
ISBN 1-85770-278-6
Published by
Vital Signs Publishing
/SB Publications 2003

Foreword by Hamish Miller
1. Armageddon and
How to Avoid It
2. Positive Living and
the Negative World
3. Conspiracy and
How to Live with It
4. Power and How
We Give It Away
5. World War Three
and Other Non-Events
The Author

£6 + p&p

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