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About Vital Signs Publishing

Vital Signs Publishing was formed in 2003 by mysteries researcher Andy Thomas, with the help of designers, friends and psychological astrologer Helen Sewell (now his wife), to put out his two compilations of material Swirled Harvest and A Oneness of Mind, which were used as prototypes for the bigger volumes to come.

Named after Andy’s hit book Vital Signs: A Complete Guide to the Crop Circle Mystery (published by SB Publications in the UK and Frog Ltd in the US), Vital Signs Publishing was created to issue challenging ‘alternative’ material on unexplained mysteries and global cover-ups in a way that would not be compromised by restrictive practices or selective editing.

In 2005, Andy worked with prophecies researcher Geoff Stray to edit and produce what would become Beyond 2012, the much-acclaimed guide to end-times predictions. This very influential volume would go on to sell many thousands of copies around the world and be translated into several overseas editions.

Encouraged by the success of Beyond 2012, in 2009 Vital Signs Publishing produced its most ambitious project yet, The Truth Agenda, a bumper high-quality full-colour tome which provided a much-needed accessible and cohesive overview of paranormal phenomena, conspiracy theories, ancient prophecies, truth and liberty issues and consciousness research. Widely hailed as the best available guide of its kind, The Truth Agenda is now in its third updated and expanded edition and continues to find new readers and inspire many people. In 2011, the book was adopted as a sociology textbook at Canada's Vancouver Island University.

For enquiries about books and/or Andy Thomas, please email Vital Signs Publishing

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Vital Signs Publishing
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Tel:  07771 712960

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