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Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstasy?

Beyond 2012, a book by Jeff StrayBEYOND 2012
Catastrophe or Ecstasy:
A Complete Guide to

End-of-Time Predictions

By Geoff Stray
edited by Andy Thomas

According to ancient calendars, 21st December 2012 ushered in a ‘New Era’ of rapid global change and a shift in consciousness.

What were the exact prophecies? How many cultures share the predictions? What modern science exists to back them up? What should we really expect of this New Era?

This classic and comprehensive book, by one of the most respected scholars of ancient cycles and predictions, has been acclaimed by many as the definitive guide to the prophecies for our times, and the answers to all these questions, and many more, can be found here.

According to the ancient calendars of the Maya, the world as we knew it ended on 21st December 2012, when we entered the new ‘Creation’ predicted by many ancient cultures.

The world didn’t end, as the media joked that it would, and a few doom-mongers thought it might, but instead the day which marked the turning of a 5,125-year cycle ushered in a period that the prophecies suggest will bring rapid and enormous change for the world on a physical, social and spiritual level.

Many people believe the next few years following 2012 could be the most pivotal time in modern history.

For twenty-five years, Geoff Stray has been investigating the prophecies of this time of potentially massive significance for humankind and planet Earth, and his investigations have revealed that several civilisations across the world have calendars, myths, prophecies and visions connected with the ancient cycle.

In the years running-up to the turning of the cycle, he compiled all the key speculations into Beyond 2012, which soon became seen as one of the most important texts on the subject.

Although we are now in the predicted times, many of the prophecies remain relevant and active as the New Era unfolds. Will it bring global catastrophe or spiritual transformation?

Edited by Andy Thomas, Beyond 2012 is a discerning and detailed must-read for anyone striving to understand the importance of our times and what they might mean for humanity.


"What an incredible piece of work... Overall it is an honest masterpiece. I've read it twice straight through, and some portions several times more, and I must say that you are about as right as it is possible to be on this subject. Simply and overwhelmingly impressive. Everyone needs to read this book" (Vincent Bridges, co-author of The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye)

"I support and encourage serious discussion of 2012, and the current level of the discussion - in quality and cogency - must be raised. Beyond 2012 does this with admirable comprehension and comprehensiveness, inviting us all to engage with this topic in deeper ways... …It looks great. Nice quality designs and art, this book should really move things forward on the 2012 discussion... ...A synthesis of the most cogent theories to arrive at a compelling meta-view of the entire field." (John Major Jenkins, author of Maya Cosmogenesis 2012 and Galactic Alignment)

"This is a beautiful book and it belongs in any serious thinker's library. No expense has been spared in its production – it even smells good... This is a scrupulously researched book, and the production values are very high." (Zyzygyz, moderator and owner of the Time Wave Zero discussion group)

"The book is fantastic!!! Unbelievable!!! Applause, applause... Just from leafing through it I loved it already, and on further perusal, I loved it even more. Great Book!!!" (Jonathan Bethel, webmaster of Omega Point Institute and

"This book is blowing me away... Rest assured that someday, very soon, this monograph will be coveted for its vast collection of insights. Beyond 2012 will continue to be everyone’s cross reference of ideas as they follow their individual path." (Joel Keene, author of Cosmic Locusts: The 2012 Convergence of Nostradamian, Mayan & Biblical Prophecy)

"Those with an open mind, who wish to gain perspective of our place at this point in history, will find this book invaluable... …Reading this book will be the best way of remaining grounded, differentiating fact from fiction." (PJ Borlace, prophecies researcher)

"If a ‘Golden Age’ is meant to become manifest… Stray helps us sort the wheat from the chaff to increase the quality of our understanding." (Nexus Magazine)

"In Beyond 2012, a rather dizzying smorgasbord of scenarios that may greet us on the winter solstice of that year is offered. Fortunately, the author doesn't fearmonger in his response to the advanced waves coming in from galactic central. He pretty much allows the reader sufficient headspace to contemplate the myriads of potential outcomes at hand... Beyond 2012 can be used as a kind of useful field guide to orient us in the right direction, if we approach it with an open mind and much discretion as well." (Jaye Beldo, Paranoia Magazine)

"Beyond 2012 is an invaluable resource. Fair, open-minded and rational, Geoff Stray's book displays the enormous range of the 2012 phenomenon; a sort of mega-mall of marvellous strangeness, insights and sudden flashes of truth." (Vincent Bridges, co-author of The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye: Alchemy and the End of Time.)

Catastrophe or Ecstasy
A Complete Guide to
End-of-Time Predictions

By Geoff Stray
edited by Andy Thomas

£7 + p&p

352 pages, paperback
illustrated in B/W and full-colour
ISBN 978-0-9550608-0-9
Published by
Vital Signs Publishing 2005

(reissued with new cover 2009)


by John Major Jenkins

Part 1:
Ancient Calendars
and Prophecies

   1. The Maya Calendars
   2. Tribal Prophecies
   3. Oriental/Asian Calendars
   4. I Ching:
Ancient Chinese Calendar
   5. Abrahamic Religions

Part 2: 2012 Theories
6. Sunspot Cycles
7. Astronomical Claims
8. Alternative Archaeology
9. The Geomagnetic Field
10. Ice Cycles
12. Fringe Science

Part 3: Beyond The Veil
13. Shamanism
14. Other Altered States
15. UFOs and ETs
16. Crop Circles
17. Secret Government
18. Nostradamus
19. The New Age

Part 4: Diagnosis
20. Analysis
21. Synthesis
22. Prognosis

Appendix 1: Two Accounts
of Out-Of-Body-Experiences
Appendix 2:
The Astral Transition
Appendix 3: Cropgnosis
Notes and References
The Author

PS: Pushing up the Crazies


Geoff Stray has studied the meaning of ancient cycles since 1982. Around 1996 he started to compile his work into a booklet, Beyond 2012, which eventually grew to become the book version.

In September 2000 he made it available on internet
, which quickly became renowned as the most comprehensive database on the subject, gathering input from every corner of the globe.

Geoff has given presentations across Britain and in countries as far afield as Belgium, USA and Peru. Geoff is also the author of 2012 in Your Pocket (Straydog Books) and The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars (Wooden Books).

In his spare time, Geoff makes handmade footwear, rides a dirt bike and plays blues harmonica. He lives in Glastonbury, UK.

£7 + p&p

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