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Conspiracies, a book by Andy ThomasCONSPIRACIES
The Facts – The Theories – The Evidence
By Andy Thomas

The Moon landings. JFK. Watergate. The Gunpowder Plot. 9/11. The New World Order. Since the political intrigues of the Roman Empire long ago, nearly every significant event of the last 2,000 years has sparked off a conspiracy theory.

Andy Thomas sifts through the evidence of more than thirty major conspiracies and sets them against the social and psychological factors that have prompted them to spread. Thematically arranged, the accounts are stripped of unfounded opinion and presented factually but accessibly, dramatically highlighting the core issues that lie behind conspiracy theories.

At any time in our history, you will find significant and seemingly indisputable events occurring, the kind that can change the course of our lives. Yet for every one of them, somebody, somewhere will loudly dispute the 'official' account, doubting that the truth has been told.

In today's environment, with trust in authorities at an all-time low, conspiracy theories have found a new currency, and websites and social networking ensure they receive a wider and more rapid global spread than ever before.

But how do we separate truth from imagination? Was Princess Diana murdered, as many people think, despite all the official denials? Did NASA really go to the Moon, when anomalies in the photographic record suggest otherwise? Could 9/11 really have been set up by agencies within the USA itself?

Andy Thomas opens the conspiracy casebook by examining the mindset of those who believe in conspiracies, and he considers whether the dismissive attitude towards them has been fair or objective. The chapters that follow look into history to establish that conspiracies do occur and that credibility should therefore be given to belief in some of the alleged plots and cover-ups of today.

This leads into a well-argued examination of some of the most popular conspiracies of our times, including theories over assassinations, UFO cover-ups and widely voiced concerns over 9/11 and the 'New World Order'. Andy draws the conclusion that while not all conspiracy theories can be proven, they do at least draw attention to paths we should not take, and they can be valuable in helping to create a better world where new trust and hope can be forged.

Are we living in a world of control, of oppression, of habitual deception? Is this really how things are, or simply human nature massively distorted through a dark lens? The truth probably lies somewhere in the middle.


"Whether steeped in conspiracy lore or just a novice, you'll get a better handle on what's really going on in the world by reading Andy Thomas's Conspiracies." (Nexus Magazine)

"Reasoned, objective and most importantly fair... a valuable addition to the existing canon of literature in this most fractious of subjects: fascinating, sometimes worrying and highly recommended." (Phenomena Magazine)

The Facts
The Theories
The Evidence

by Andy Thomas

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Truth Agenda
+ Conspiracies
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292 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-1-78028-508-5
Published by
Watkins Publishing 2013

1. What is Conspiracy Theory?
2. Historical Conspiracies
3. False-flag Conspiracies
4. Political Conspiracies
5. Assassination Conspiracies
6. 9/11 and related Conspiracies
7. Extra-terrestrial Conspiracies
8. New World Order Conspiracies
Notes and References
Conspiracy Resources

£9 + p&p

Special offer:
Truth Agenda

+ Conspiracies
+ p&p

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