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A Oneness of Mind | read an extract

A Oneness of Mind, a book by Andy ThomasA Oneness Of Mind
The Power of Collective Thought
and Signs of Our Times

By Andy Thomas

From Chapter 1:

Armageddon and How to Avoid It

It is fascinating to see, with all the talk of ancient prophecies for these times, how many people are coming to the conclusion that a huge change for our Earth is in the offing, and that something truly transformational is around the corner. But what’s disturbing is how an increasing number of them are coming to see this change in a negative light. There is a lot of Armageddon-speak in the air.

Psychics and channellers have long been saying that a huge crisis is coming. Predictions of what they call ‘earth changes’ hint at massive alterations to our planet. Some see this in terms of upheaval and devastation. Ultimately, the changes are supposed to be positive, a transformation that we need to go through, but destruction and trauma seem to have to come first.

As far back as the earlier part of the 20th Century, visionaries like Edgar Cayce were predicting such things. What is interesting is that new psychics, without any knowledge of this kind of stuff, are still receiving similar information. I knew a lady who started channelling through ‘automatic writing’ and knew absolutely nothing about all the Cayce-type predictions. Yet she started coming through with almost identical predictions – axis tilts, warnings of earth changes, big wars and the like. This is typical of what many psychics receive.

With so many different sources picking up on the same thing, it is easy for people to say "They must be right – there must be some big event in the offing". Maybe what we’re getting is an echo from the future, a ripple backwards in time from something of great magnitude [see Chapter 5’s World War Three and Other Non-Events for more on this idea]. But are things quite as straightforward as that?

As well as other prophecies, predictive crop circles and visions from people like Cayce, which appear to forewarn of massive turmoil, many other phenomena have led people to the same general vision. UFOs, for instance, have long been appearing, and some people see these signs in the sky in terms of heralding some imminent developmental leap for humanity. Some who claim to have been abducted by extra-terrestrials report having been shown visions of incredible changes to our planet, often involving destruction arriving from the sky, great earthquakes and the tilting of the Earth's axis.

Religious apparitions are another source of earth change predictions. It is claimed that Jesus, Mary and various other religious figures have appeared to people around the world on notable occasions. These icons may not be everyone’s personal salvation, but I don’t doubt that people do see these visions. It is hard to scoff at apparitions witnessed simultaneously sometimes by hundreds of people, or, as at Fatima, Portugal in 1917, several thousand people.

At Fatima, at the apparent behest of the Virgin Mary, the Sun allegedly ‘danced in the sky’. Certainly, some kind of huge light flew around, though one can presume it wasn’t actually the Sun, otherwise the Earth would have spun off its axis back then! But what was believed to be the Sun certainly maneuvered in the sky, perceived by the watchers to be proof that this vision of Mary was real and that her warnings should be heeded - warnings she gave to a small group of children concerning apocalyptic changes. The Vatican has since played down the significance of the predictions, claiming they referred to events which have already come to pass, but many doubt this and believe that the Catholic church is concealing a frightening prophecy.

What is striking is that the behaviour of the light witnessed at Fatima is extremely similar to the behaviour of lights seen in some UFO sightings. Several ufologists have remarked that the reports suggest classic UFO phenomena.

People who have been present at such apparitions – and there have been many others around the world besides Fatima over the years – have made some very curious observations, the most important of which is that witnesses with an overtly religious mindset tend to see Mary or Jesus standing before them, and describe them in great detail, her robes, his wounds. However, the non-religious just see a shimmering light. Both parties see something, but in different ways. This is fascinating. People appear to be receiving these things in whatever frame of reference it most makes sense to them in.

Another paranormal religious phenomenon is that of ‘stigmata’, where people – or statues - begin to bleed with the wounds of Christ. There have been a number of famous statues which have rather morosely bled and wept all over the world, drawing devotees and pilgrims. Of course, the sceptics dismiss it as nonsense, with talk of condensation and the suchlike. Yet from the reports, it’s hard to see that this explains everything – there is simply too much of it going on.

Personally, I believe what we are seeing is a form of collective psychokinesis, a force which is breaking out in a very big way around the world, making itself known through all sorts of channels. These may all be tips of a multi-tipped iceberg, which includes crop circles and UFOs. It would appear to be the same phenomenon trying to break through with some kind of message in whatever way it needs for people to understand it. Those who don’t respond to religious figures get secular shapes in the fields. Those who don’t respond to shapes in the fields get lights in the sky. Those who don’t respond to those get channelled messages and psychic visions and so on.

The unifying factor is that all these phenomena bring people to the same point – to a state of expectancy of something ‘big’ on its way. But increasingly people are turning this expectancy to the apocalypse/Armageddon view. ‘Armageddon’ actually refers to a specific battle predicted by the Bible to occur at a place called Meggido, and ‘Apocalypse’ actually means ‘revelation’, but, in many people’s minds, they mean global destruction – nuclear conflict, earthquakes, volcanoes, asteroid strikes, flood and famine - and therein lies the danger.

Some of those who gloomily await the outcome of these predictions have come to the conclusion that the visions mean there is nothing which can be done about them. There are certainly many, many things wrong with our civilisation, but a growing number believe there is no way around these problems without a huge, devastating and destructive change, something which will really rattle us.

But is this right? Change is surely needed, but it seems a total abdication of our responsibilities to sit back, as some people do, and say, "Well, I can’t do anything about it, It doesn’t matter; it’s all going to blow up soon anyway. I’ll just sit here and wait for the Lord/UFOs/Spiritual Masters to save me."

It is frightening how many people have this waiting-to-be-saved attitude. Does it never occur to them to think, that they themselves could help alter this and make changes that might negate the need for destruction? Too many have decided that future events are carved in stone, and that there is no way of affecting them. I would like to challenge this perception. If, as it is often said, we create our own reality, then surely the more people who expect some kind of Armageddon, the more likely it is to happen?

We know from many experiments which have been carried out over the years that there have been enough examples to prove beyond any doubt that consciousness changes matter. Quantum physics suggested this back in the 1930s, and scientists have been trying to cover it up ever since, seemingly burying the results in jargon to avoid too many people realising that consciousness does indeed influence the material world - and that science has proved it. Truly, there is a ‘power of the mind’.

Experiments with telekinesis under laboratory conditions have shown quite clearly that matter can be affected by mind. Work with ‘Random Number Generators’ (RNGs) suggests that there is a field around us which responds to thought, indeed is thought. There is now an active programme around the world of RNGs, computers sitting in sealed rooms streaming out meaningless figures.

Yet these can be influenced to create specific sequences of numbers by collective world events through seemingly non-physical means. Comparison to the times of large global happenings, in which many minds are focused on single events such as big news stories (9/11, Princess Diana, huge tsunamis) or New Year’s Eve celebrations, sees the RNGs produce streams of specific numbers at much higher rates [further chapters go into more detail on RNG experiments]. The implications of these results are profound.

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