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Swirled Harvest

Swirled Harvest, a book by Andy ThomasSwirled Harvest
Views from the Crop Circle Frontline
By Andy Thomas

A collection of lively essays and pieces about crop circles and related subjects written over an eleven year period by leading researcher Andy Thomas, providing a valuable glimpse into the crop circle ‘community’ and how those within it view the world outside.

An informative, entertaining and important document of the ins and outs of researching the paranormal.

Swirled Harvest is a fascinating journey deep into the world of crop circle research and its associated areas - as seen by those involved at the heart of it.

The book explores this remarkable arena and its amazing findings, meets some of its colourful characters, recounts some notable events and records the thrills and disappointments of trying to wave a flag for the reality of something so often unfairly debunked by the outside world.

With a number of other related subjects discussed, this collection of articles covers crucial years of the phenomenon’s development and gives a unique insight into both the delights and the peccadilloes of crop circle culture.


"Andy [is a] man with his head firmly on his shoulders, a man unwilling to put that same head in the sand, a man with his eyes wide open and willing to talk about what he sees…  Difficult to put down…  It’s well written, well thought-out and well produced…  I loved it and you should too." (The Magnet)

"Andy's well-balanced approach is honest, forthright and, above all, entirely compelling." (the late Laurence Gardner)

"Andy Thomas is an exceptional writer, easy to read, light and informative, and always interesting. I found it difficult to lay this book down, even though I knew it would be there the next day... An unbiased report of how events transpired almost moment by moment and a good book for the beginning crop circle enthusiast." (Black Sheep)

Views from the
Crop Circle Frontline

By Andy Thomas

£6 + p&p

176 pages, paperback
illustrated in B&W & full-colour
ISBN 1-85770-272-7
Published by
Vital Signs Publishing
/SB Publications 2003


by Sir Laurence Gardner
1. A Brief Guide to Crop Circles
2. Waiting for Reg
3. The Evening News
4. Selling the New Age
5. Dowsing Dilemma
6. End Game
7. Closer Encounters
8. Flaky: Oliver's Castle Video
9. Conference Season
10. X Doesn't Mark the Spot
11. Attack of the Red Cape
12. Media Scrum
13. The World is Full of Marree Man
14. The Man from Atlantis
15. Galaxy Legacy
16. Dust to Dust
17. Crimes of the Signs
18. The Last Word

The Author

£6 + p&p

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