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The Truth Agenda

The Truth Agenda
Making Sense of Unexplained Mysteries, Global Cover-ups and Visions for a New Era

by Andy Thomas
Revised, expanded and updated third edition

Why do so many people now believe in conspiracy theories, and what is the evidence to support them?

What is the meaning of the many prophecies which say that we are now in a 'New Era' of massive change?

Why is there such huge but officially undeclared interest in paranormal phenomena from authorities and religions?

How does all of this tie together and explain the agendas of control and surveillance in the West?

The Truth Agenda
has been widely acclaimed as the best overview of its kind.

The Truth Agenda: Making Sense of Unexplained Mysteries, Global Cover-Ups and Visions for a New Era explores some of the most famous unexplained mysteries and global cover-ups of recent history. What is the truth about UFOs, pyramids, psychic phenomena, visions of the future and ancient prophecies? What is their connection to famous conspiracy theories concerning the Moon landings, 9/11, the New World Order and claims that the world is covertly run by a powerful ruling elite..?

Leading mysteries researcher Andy Thomas pulls these many threads together in a refreshingly accessible and stimulating overview, addressing the issues in a credible analysis which suggests that the world we live in may be very different to the manipulated picture presented by governments and the mainstream media. Many people believe that a secret global cabal is anticipating some kind of imminent huge change, based on ancient prophecies, and that it has been implementing a regime of draconian restrictions by nefarious means to ensure it retains its control throughout. Is a spiritual and philosophical revolution about to transform this situation, however, and if so what part can we all play in it..?

Andy Thomas says: 'The Truth Agenda has been written to open a much-needed window of clarity on the world of mysteries and cover-ups for those who may be confused by all the many different sources of information out there. Some tomes are too dense or too extreme to reach out to the curious who might benefit from being exposed to the hidden truths behind the facade of 'consensus reality'. This book is offered as a remedy and is presented straightforwardly and attractively [with full colour images throughout, to convey an optimistic mood], building up its case logically as it goes. The concealment of important mysteries and the worrying ongoing withdrawal of liberty and freedom of speech in Western society needs addressing as widely as possible and 'making sense of', as the subtitle suggests. Happily, the final chapters conclude that, with enough collective determination, we can - and will - offset any dark agendas and create a more positive world for future generations.'

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"Utterly fascinating... This book is a triple-strength espresso-charged wake up call."
(Kindred Spirit)
"Immensely well-researched and immaculately presented... The best book on the subject I have read."
(Paradigm Shift)
"A useful overview of the current situation regarding some key alternative topics."
(Fortean Times)
"Rather brilliantly, Thomas explains how we can transform pessimism into positive action... Utterly mind-blowing."
(Spirit & Destiny)
"A truly outstanding book."
(Ian R Crane, Alternative View)
"A profoundly disturbing but ultimately uplifting handbook for these turbulent times."
(Western Daily Press)
"This accessible and comprehensive book is an excellent guide... Detailed and convincing."
(Soul & Spirit)
"A very good sifting of information and provision of references... Thomas’s command of the issues is exhaustive and well-referenced."
"The author joins the dots in a stimulating overview of our global situation."
(Network Review)
"Just the sort of book you need in order to make sense of the great mysteries and conspiracies of our times."
(Nexus Magazine)
"A timely and important book. Buy a copy, read it and pass it on."
(New View)

Making Sense of
Unexplained Mysteries
Global Cover-Ups and Visions for a New Era

Revised, updated & expanded

third edition
by Andy Thomas

£11 + p&p
Special offer:
Truth Agenda

£18 + p&p

404 pages, paperback
illustrated in colour
ISBN 978-0-9550608-2-3
Published by
Vital Signs Publishing
2009, revised & updated 2011
expanded & updated 2013
with additional material & new chapter





I - Making Sense of our World
II - Mysteries Ancient
and Modern
IV - Miracles and Prophecies
V - Grand Conspiracies


VI - One Giant Leap...?
VII - Weapons of
Mass Deception
VIII - 9/11


IX - The War on Liberty
X - Caging the Human Spirit
XI - The Green Dilemma
XII - The New Era


XIII - Who Are We
Dealing With?
XIV - The Power of
Collective Thought
XV - The Power of
Positive Action

These are the Times

(new chapter for 2013 edition)
Further Resources
Picture Credits
The Author

£11 + p&p

Special offer:
Truth Agenda

+ Conspiracies
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