Andy Thomas – Signed Books on Mysteries and Histories

Andy Thomas writes and produces books on mysteries, histories and new thinking. Vital Signs Publishing sells currently available works he has authored (through a number of publishers), edited or published himself – click the links or book covers below for information and online ordering.

All books ordered through Vital Signs Publishing are personally signed by Andy for his titles, and by Richard Smith for A Future World Vision. If you would like a specific inscription (e.g. as a gift for someone), just email the details to directly after you have made your order. Many thanks for your interest.


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The New Heretics – Understanding the Conspiracy Theories Polarizing the World – by Andy Thomas

The New Heretics is the most balanced and well-reasoned investigation available into the rise of divisive conspiracy theories and global polarization.

Using his extensive experience of negotiating between cynics and truth seekers, in this challenging and groundbreaking book, The New Heretics, Andy Thomas explores the judgement surrounding conspiracy theories – and the future of free expression.

The Truth Agenda: Making Sense of Unexplained Mysteries, Global Cover-ups & Visions for a New Era – by Andy Thomas

An extraordinary and accessible overview of alternative views, paranormal mysteries, conspiracy theories and the belief of many that the world is undergoing a ‘New Era’ of massive transformation, as prophesied by several ancient cultures. Widely acclaimed as the best guide of its kind, with full colour illustrations, it brings clarity to complex areas. Hugely influential, The Truth Agenda is still in print more than a decade on.
A comprehensive round-up of some of the world’s most famous conspiracy theories and the evidence behind them. The book explores just why conspiracies continue to fascinate and why it is important that the world takes them more seriously, laying bare the arguments on everything from 9/11, Moon landing theories and Princess Diana, to Donald Trump, freedom issues and historical conspiracies, in a balanced and intelligent debate. This new 2020 edition is fully updated and expanded.

An Introduction to Crop Circles – by Andy Thomas

A concise and fascinating guide to the ever-enduring and always controversial crop circle mystery, those enigmatic shapes found swirled into fields each summer. The main issues, theories and evidence are all outlined here in an informed and compact style; with stunning colour photos, this is a perfect starting point for newcomers and a good refresher for aficionados. The book includes the only ‘crop circle timeline’ available in print; an at-a-glance chronology of the mystery year-by-year.

Christmas: A Short History from Solstice to Santa – by Andy Thomas

This sumptuously illustrated, insightful and entertaining full colour hardback uncovers the fascinating background to the festive season. From ancient ceremonies of light and celebrations of messiahs, to raucous festivals, Victorian revivals and many varied traditions, the time around the solstice has long been an opportunity for people to come together and rejoice. Despite a Puritan ban in the 1600s and modern commercialisation, Christmas has survived and this book shows why it still holds meaning for us today.

A Oneness of Mind: The Power of Collective Thought and Signs of Our Times – by Andy Thomas

An intriguing collection of transcripts of Andy’s early theatrical presentations at the renowned Glastonbury Symposium conference. Reaching to themes which would eventually culminate in The Truth Agenda, this sowed important seeds in the path of Andy’s work, looking at some of the key global issues and problems which could be resolved by both positive thought and collective action.

A Future World Vision: The Reform of Common Sense in the 21st Century – by Richard Smith

How did we get to the social and political state we are today, and how can we best move forward positively from here? In this perceptive and accessible investigation, Richard Smith puts the shape of recent centuries into context and proposes how a better future could be forged with simple common sense reforms of our democracies, everyday lives, economy, and use of resources and technology.  [Edited by Andy Thomas]
This comprehensive classic book is the definitive guide to the many prophecies for our times, ancient and modern, which state that the period ahead could be one of huge change for the world, heralding a significant shift in consciousness and reality. Geoff Stray’s renowned assessment of the ‘New Era’ covers many areas, paranormal, metaphysical, biophysical and political.  [Edited by Andy Thomas]