An Introduction to Crop Circles



by Andy Thomas [signed copy]

58 pages, paperback
Illustrated in full-colour
ISBN 978-1-903035-37-5
Wessex Books 2011, revised and updated edition

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An Introduction to Crop Circles

by Andy Thomas

A concise and fascinating guide to the enduring mystery of crop circles, the enigmatic shapes found swirled into fields each summer. With stunning full-colour photos and an informed and accessible style, An Introduction to Crop Circles looks at the facts, history and theories behind this compelling puzzle.

Can it really all just be man-made art, or is there a more mysterious source, as many believe? If so, what could this phenomenon mean for our times? The perfect starting point for newcomers, and a good overview for aficionados, the book investigates all the major theories, examines many intriguing aspects and includes the only ‘crop circle timeline’ available in print, an at-a-glance chronology of the mystery’s development, year by year. The book is a consistent bestseller in English West Country tourism outlets.

Originally published by Wessex Books in 2004, where Andy was credited as editor, An Introduction to Crop Circles was entirely revised and updated in 2011 with Andy as sole author, and reissued in an improved layout, this time in full colour, which is the edition sold here.



Introduction: A Modern Mystery

1 – What are Crop Circles?

2 – Inside a Formation

3 – Crop Circle History

4 – Mysterious or Man-Made?

5 – The Evolution of the Designs

6 – Crop Circle Research

7 – Eye Witnesses and Experiences

8 – Theories and Beliefs

9 – Crop Circle Timeline

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